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Top 10 Beyond Search Engine web site Promotionaltion Tips

TOP 10 "Beyond Search Engine" techniques for Promotionalting your web site:

Constant Contact#1 The essential service for every business, no matter who you are - Constant Contact is a MUST. Email Marketing that is easy & reliable. Phrizbie works with over 50 clients using Constant Contact so far. Just say the word and we will add their services to your website & facebook page at no extra cost.

Create an opt-in mailing listand keeping your subscribers updated. We can do this for you. You can ask site visitors to sign up for a newsletter, then distribute it by e-mail. An e-newsletter allows you to keep visitors up-to-date on site changes & new offerings. It also serves as a channel for delivering valuable information related to your products that can help convert prospects into customers.


2. Traditional Marketing Methods:

, but still worth mentioning. Invest in any traditional advertising methods you can afford. Run newspaper, magazine, TV, & yellow page ads. Radio advertising can also be very effective. These methods are costly because they are effective. Press releases & interviews can also be very effective & are free..

3. Provide Incentivices
- By Social Media - weekly / monthly / seasonal  E-Newsletters & Facebook Campaigns

See lots of examples here -
Keeping users visiting site: Users are looking for useful & relevant information that is easily found. Providing incentives like free giveaways or free email is another idea to keeping you abreast of competitors.

Set up Partnerships:
Finding ally web sites which Promotionalte a supporting role for each other & making contact with these is also a wise move. In this way, businesses can direct traffic to each others web sites. There are many ways to make this viable for each business & one way is to work on a rebate/referral system.

5. Join or Create an Affiliate Program with other like minded businesses. This Promotionaltes your site on others by use on Banners. (One banner is automatically included with your site) As more links appear on any given page, advertising increasingly becomes a way to stand out from your competition. You can sponsor another site through barter or direct payment. In either case, you can find appropriate sites to sponsor yourself or have another company find them for you.

6. Online Search Engines & Directories
Search engines & directories are bogged down. Placement is difficult & often slow. Yet, in my experience, this is still an important means of generating site traffic. Before submitting, make your site as search-engine-ready as possible. Learn all you can about search engine placement - then, submit your pages individually as well as through a monthly submission service. A good one is Traffic Magnet.

7. Existing Customers:
Don't forget to make use of the contacts you already have by seeking new business from existing customers. Let them all know about your new web site through a direct mailing or email.

8. Announce in Newsgroups
A newsgroup is an electronic bulletin board where people with shared interests can communicate. There are over 20,000 newsgroups on the Internet with millions of daily participants. Done right & with care, posting to a newsgroup can generate tremendous, almost instant, word-of-mouth. Finally, if there's sufficient interest, you may even want to create your own newsgroup.

9. Obtain Links From Other Web Sites
There are two types of links: 1) one-way links to your Web site; & 2) two-way links where you provide a return link to the other Web site.
Getting a link simply requires finding sites that have a reason for pointing to you, then asking for the link. If a site acts as a resource for information that resides on your site, the owners of the site will probably want to point to you.

10. Word of Mouth
Word of mouth always works to Promotionalte a good business. It's free, it's effective, & it's trusted. People love to share a good experience (or a bad one). Ask satisfied customers to help you spread the word & include testimonials from 1 or 2 happy clients.

** Integrate Your Traditional Marketing & Sales Programs
* Start by including your Web site address on your flyers, letterheads & brochures. If there are advantages to delivering services, programs or information through your Web site, then provide an incentive in your traditional materials to get customers to go to your site for fulfillment.

** Follow up by Measuring Your Results
To measure the effectiveness of each component of your campaign, first determine where your traffic originates. Then measure what individuals do once they get to your site to determine if traffic generated from one source is more valuable than others. Note that this is different than measuring the effectiveness of the site itself. With data in h&, you can begin the process of fine-tuning your Web site marketing programs.