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Bakery Logo Design, Cupcake Logo Design
Delicious Food Related Designs & Beautiful Bakery Logo Designs.

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Phrizbie Design specializes in boutique bakery, cake bar & cafe logo design. As true "Foodies" ourselves, we adore creating beautiful logo designs for anything food, candy or cake related. We design food product labels, cupcake box designs, storefront illustrations, bakery menus and signs, candy wrappers - anything related to YUM - we can do it! We try to convey a design that speaks to all your senses & represents your restaurant, bakery, tea room, café or catering business in an elegant and beautiful way. Please email us for samples.

Bakery Logo Design
Beach Plum Bakery Logo

Baking Logo Design
Gourmet Food Logo
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Rose Bakery Logo Design
Rose Bakery Logo Design
This customized logo is available at a discount price

Posh Bakery Logo
Posh Bakery Illustration - custom exterior collage/illustration
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The Cake Bar Dubai
The Cake Bar, Dubai - Bakery Logo Design
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Cupcake Logo Design
Cake Ambition

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Bakery Logo Designs

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